Bert Mertens was born in Leuven (Belgium) in 1955.
His initial vocation, architecture, was thwarted by his family, who encouraged him to study Law. After three years, a serious accident led to a long stay in hospital. He changed course and became a male nurse in the operating theatre, in the intensive care unit, and the burn center. He then became responsible for sales and training of young doctors in new laparoscopic technologies in the Benelux.

autoportrait Bert Mertens

After a long career in the medical field, he decided to return to the basics. In August 2018, he discovered oil painting. This is the beginning of a self-taught artistic career.
He flourishes in hyper-realistic painting executed by hand alone (not technologically assisted).
His plastic work bears witness to a technicality, but first and foremost to a vision of the world and a plastic sensitivity. From appearances, he brings out a complexity, a brilliance or a humour that has remained unnoticed.