A Portfolio of Bert Mertens’ Work

A portfolio of Bert Mertens’ work was published at the beginning of 2022. The title: Bert Mertens, A Thing of Beauty “is a Joy for ever”, according to the quote of John Keats which is also the painter’s life motto. 64 pages reproducing a selection of his work, commented upon in thematic sections by Myriam Watthee-Delmotte. With critical annotations by Pierre-Yves Soucy, Marc Dugardin, Martine Vande Peene, Michel Ducobu and Ralph Dekoninck.

portfolio Bert Mertens

Reality is always a superposition of realities over which we only have a random grip. Bert Mertens’ art is that of a possible retention of memory that always opens up the world anew. This is a very beautiful work in depth, which stems from the need to create, to permanently recreate the world we inhabit.
Pierre-Yves Soucy

Remarkable, how it manages to open perspectives, to make real our desires to escape.
Marc Dugardin

Bert Mertens’ paintings reflect these dehumanized times… and yet something peaceful emanates from them… as if this time of freeze-frame also allowed us to assess the importance of our ties and our way of life.
Martine Vande Peene

Although his oil paintings are strikingly true, sometimes photographic, they have a very personal style, a gentle and humble poetry, a luminous familiarity that brings a deep sense of well-being.
Michel Ducobu

A beautiful work that plays on reflections and on all our mirages, thirsty as we are for ways out.
Ralph Dekoninck