Around the World with Asymptote

In October 2021, Margento’s blog “Around the World with Asymptote“, mentioned the exhibition at the Demeuldre Gallery and put a special emphasis on Bert Mertens’ work.

“Brussels’ literary ans arts scene is frantically resurfacing from the lockdown. Among the 300 exhibiting artists, 150 workshops, 100 animations, and ‘concerts, live, dance, street art, performance and literature’ events inundating Ixelles  (the arts quarter of Brussels), there was also a ‘coup de coeur’ (heartthrob, sudden crush) exhibition at the animated Demeuldre Gallery. Among the highlights was Bert Mertens, a senior artist with a fresh eye for estranging details and collaged panoramas who mesmerized the visitors from the moment they entered with the hyperrealist light radiating from his paintings. The diversity of forms and approaches of other artists – ranging from graphic art to photography to sculpture to installations to comic strips – also succeeding captivating one’s attention.”